Eurecat, a provider of innovative technologies
With more than 650 people in 11 centers throughout Catalonia, the Eurecat technology center aims to be a provider of innovative technology to help companies, especially SMEs, innovate and be more competitive, acting as a bridge between the world of applied research and the economic fabric.

One of these 11 centers is located right next to the Barcelona Synchrotron Park (BSP). It is one of the largest Eurecat centers and concentrates a large part of the industrial innovation, a precious opportunity for BSP’s companies. This center houses, among other services, the Plastic Processing Pilot Plant, a worldwide reference in plastics transformation and the largest in southern Europe.

From composites to robotics, from the development of new products to manufacturing processes, from Big Data to e-health, Eurecat provides answers to many sectors, from textiles to food, from financing to automotive, etc.

The news of the last days found on the Eurecat website gives an idea of the wide range of know-how offered:
- "Aritex company and Eurecat help Airbus test a wing to reduce CO2 emissions"
- "Eurecat leads a European technological project for human-robot collaboration in the industry"
- "Biomechanical sensors are applied to improve the monitoring of neuromuscular diseases"
- "Embutidos Salgot and Eurecat investigate the development of more heart-healthy pork products"

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