Caterina Biscari

ALBA synchrotron
"The ALBA synchrotron is a unique scientific facility in southern Europe for basic science and applied research, especially in the field of new materials, biology, chemistry. With ALBA and all the research centres located in the immediate vicinity, companies can find in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park the right place to invent, to innovate and to grow".


Verónica Fisas

Natura Bissé
"The new Natura Bissé headquarters and factory building includes the most advanced industrial activity management systems. It has a revolutionary production and logistics centre, designed to increase innovation capacity and comply with the most demanding manufacturing standards (Food and Drugs Administration of the USA and pharmaceuticals).
The decision to build our new headquarters in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park responds to a double purpose: to commit to environmental responsibility and to interact with innovative companies of the European Business & Biodiversity Platform; without forgetting the transformative offer of the Park including recycling measures, green infrastructure, sustainable mobility, social cohesion, affordable housing, creation of green zones and path networks in its great project of a rational use of the territory."



Oscar Julià

Barcelona Division Manager
"The location for our corporate headquarters in Catalonia had to offer us a clear identification with a technological environment, good accessibility and connectivity with Barcelona and its airport, proximity to universities and technology centres, industrial capacity and of course we also wanted to project a strong and unique image. This complex equation was solved by Barcelona Synchrotron Park".


"Thinking about a location for the new headquarters of Stradivarius, we wanted a place near Barcelona, well connected to the city, a place that enhances the new building to be constructed and that offers an inspiring setting for our designers and all our team that make Stradivarius the well known creative international clothing fashion brand that presents its collections in about 1,000 boutiques in more than 60 countries around the world. The Barcelona Synchrotron Park met all these requirements."


Javier Lafuente

UAB University
"The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is an educational and research institution of excellence, leading the main university rankings in Spain and very well positioned in Europe and worldwide. Around its campus, the UAB promotes what will be one of the most important magnets for talent in our country and plays a key role in the development of a dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a significant international profile.
In the Barcelona Synchrotron Park takes place the direct confluence of the campus with the productive sectors, providing innovative companies with a privileged location to take advantage of this powerful university environment".


Rosa Maria Sebastián

UAB Research Park
“The UAB Research Park aims to increase the transfer of knowledge and the innovation carried out by the different research centers and groups at the UAB university ecosystem. To this end, the park is the driving force of the interactions and synergies created between the campus and the territory: city councils, companies, Barcelona metropolitan area, etc. The Barcelona Synchrotron Park provides an ideal place for companies to take advantage of this innovation dynamics: our partnership with it is a key factor”.

UAB Research Park