October 12, 2017
Barcelona Synchrotron Park's commitment to Biodiversity
Last week in Frankfurt, Germany, the Barcelona Synchrotron Park (BSP) attended the 4th annual meeting of the European Union Business@Biodiversity platform.

This platform aims at encouraging all initiatives from both private and public sectors that evidence the compatibility of creating economic growth and protecting biodiversity.

For one year, BSP is a full member of the B@B platform thanks to its continuous actions to support biology diversity and green infrastructure in its protected green areas and in the pending building plots. The corresponding BSP’s action plan can be downloaded here.

“How can businesses set an ambition level when integrating biodiversity into their activities?” was the key question of the meeting BSP’s biologist Consol Pérez in charge of the action plan attended. Feel free to contact with her to know more about BSP’s commitment to biodiversity.

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