July 04, 2019
New software to promote urban district heating and cooling networks
Thanks to its experience in the field of district heating and cooling, the Barcelona Synchrotron Park participated to the previous stress test phase of a new software officially launched last month that aims at identifying the most feasible, environmentally and economically desirable options for urban heating and cooling networks
This free, user-friendly, state-of-the-art energy system mapping and modelling online software is tailored to support local authorities and key local energy planners to find the best network solutions, and which buildings to serve, out of hundreds of possible heating and cooling network options.
The open-source software has been developed by the EU-funded research project THERMOS and is tailored to meet cities’ key conditions and case-specific requirements.

The Barcelona Synchrotron Park will now use the software in order to identify the potential options to extend the network already operative in the business area to the future neighbouring area.

Step-by-step demonstration video here
Contact in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park: Carlos Dapena

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