The Barcelona Synchrotron Park in the SmartReFlex European project
The recently closed SmartReFlex European project (2014-2017) reported its findings.

District Heating and Cooling-DHC systems are key elements in the urban development of the so-called smart cities and the European Union wants to promote their development: the SmartReFlex project aimed at extending and using 100% renewable energies-based DHC infrastructures in European cities.

This project gathered 14 partners from 5 different countries (Germany, Spain, Ireland, Denmark and Italy as the leader) and 6 study regions. For their own part, Catalan partners are the IREC energy research institute and the INCASOL regional agency in charge of the management of public lands (INCASOL and the local city council of Cerdanyola del Vallès jointly form the Barcelona Synchrotron Park (BSP) consortium).

BSP was one of the case studies of the project with its natural gas trigeneration power station (see picture) that produces electricity and hot and cool water distributed throughout the park. This DHC system offers BSP companies a significant simplification of their air-conditioning design and reduces energy costs (up to 20%). This centralized system also helps reduce the corresponding CO2 emission (up to 35%). Besides, the BSP DHC system provides the ALBA synchrotron with redundant electricity.

BSP attended the meetings and seminars organized by the Catalan Taskforce with specialists from both public and private sectors. The aim of this Taskforce was to design a regional strategy in order to overcome the current barriers against DHC implementation and the corresponding use of renewable energies (RE).

Regarding global results, 12 improved policies at regional and local level for the promotion of RE-DHC have been carried out and the technical and economic viability of implementing RE-DHC in a total of 24 case studies has been proved, among others.

BSP local contact: Carlos Dapena
SmartReFlex project website.
Catalan Taskforce conclusions in Catalan or in Spanish.

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