April 12, 2018
ALBA synchrotron can serve automobile sector’s needs
On next April 17, a workshop will be held at ALBA synchrotron with the aim of gathering experts and researchers in advanced materials for automobile to share with them the opportunities offered by ALBA in this sector.

ALBA synchrotron is the most important synchrotron light facility in the Mediterranean area. This public infrastructure offers its services to any research group or company, no matter how small. A synchrotron is a privilege for its territory but a lot of companies ignore how useful it could be for their business.

The synchrotron light produced by the accelerated electrons enables to see the atomic and molecular structure of materials and investigate their properties. In the field of automobile, a synchrotron can be used for:
  • Coatings (paints) – Paints are made of different very thin layers that can be characterized
  • Polymers – New polymers structure can be investigated
  • Batteries – New materials can be analysed and developed (for anodes and cathodes, for instance). Charge and discharge processes can be followed in situ
  • Fuel cells
  • Advanced Materials – Composites, nanomaterials, MEMS, etc.
  • Catalysis and Catalyst – Investigation of the oxidation processes
This workshop aims at detecting opportunities of partnership in the investigation and/or development of advanced materials for the automobile sector. Top experts from this field contribute to the organization of this event: CIAC, ClusterMAV and SECPhO clusters.

Synchrotron light associated with other photonic technologies and combined with advanced materials let organizers think that this meeting can bring out many synergies and projects between companies and R&D centres attending the workshop.

This event is addressed to both researchers, R&D or innovation directors, CEO of companies from the sectors of automobile, advanced materials and photonic technologies.

More information and registration here.

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