December 21, 2017
Barcelona Supercomputing Center: Beautiful, Powerful And European
In addition to ALBA synchrotron, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) is the other large scientific facility in Catalonia.
Recently, BSC-CNS, which hosts the IBM’s MareNostrum 4 supercomputer in an old chapel, was awarded by the DCD group (Data Center Dynamics) as the most beautiful data center in the world. By the way, MareNostrum 4 ranks 16 among the most powerful supercomputers according to the last worldwide Top500 ranking published last month.
More news from BSC-CNS: the center will be the leader in the development of the future European chips. This project initiated by the European Commission aims at guarantying technological sovereignty and industrial competitiveness of the continent. The corresponding €240 million investment will be managed by BSC-CNS until 2021.
This challenge is part of the new EuroHPC (High Performance Computing) initiative launched in March of this year to insure that the USA, China and Japan don’t outstrip Europe in computing capacity.

In addition to the development of new chips, EuroHPC also includes the development and the production of the next four European supercomputers with computing capacities higher than any current machine. It is highly probable that one of these future supercomputers will be MareNostrum 5. If so, that will represent about €120 million from the European Union to build in Barcelona a supercomputer 20 times faster than MareNostrum 4.

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