All the services of a first-class park

Technical Services

A park with 5-star services The Barcelona Synchrotron Park has its own polygeneration power plants that produce electricity for ALBA synchrotron, heat and cold, as well as seven telecommunications operators with their own networks at the park, with over 72,000 m2 dedicated to data centres.

District heating and cooling
Data centres

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Multidisciplinary Services

Business, scientific and technological consultancy Thanks to the proximity and synergies between residents of the park, innovation and knowledge centres –including the Alba Synchrotron, PRUAB, EURECAT, Esade Creápolis, Applus Laboratories– make their business, scientific and technological consulting services available to fellow companies. 

Business Services

Services to get your feet on the ground and to grow
  1. One-stop service: The Barcelona Synchrotron Park takes care of all administrative processes, to make it easier and faster for companies to get settled.
  2. Comprehensive information service: The park provides full information on administrative procedures, labour laws, technical regulations, government authorisations, tax systems, educational services, etc.
  3. Different concept of real-estate management, with custom projects: Study of each client’s need for space and technical requirements, with writing of a custom draft project.
  4. Plots and spaces available with flexible land solutions: The land can be adapted to the demands of the different companies that are established in the park.
  5. Offering of individual and shared spaces: The park offers 91 plots from 2,100 to 36,000 sq. m. (for a total of 640,000 sq. m.)
  6. Sharing of synergies with companies in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park: Services offered by companies specialising in business, scientific and technological consulting.