SENER celebrates 25 years in Catalonia
SENER has been fully operational in Catalonia since it first opened its headquarters 25 years ago in 1993. Since then, SENER's presence in Catalonia has grown in terms of personnel (currently, more than 300 people), expertise and projects.

In 2014, due to this growth, SENER moved to a new building the company decided to build in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park.

These new headquarters (see image) were designed by SENER’s own architects. The building is an eco-technological construction featuring high-spec rooms (laboratories, cleanrooms and Integration rooms). The building itself has been designed to save energy and has been granted a Category A Certificate by the Regional Government of Catalonia's Catalan Energy Institute (based on the Energy Certification Scale for Buildings). It also has a Green Certificate issued by Spain's Green Building Council. 

Some of SENER's projects in Catalonia are: components and manufacturing systems for Airbus A350XWB, Airbus A400M and Boeing 787 aircrafts; regasification plants at Gate terminal (The Netherlands) and in Dunkirk (France); the Figueras-Perpignan (Spain-France) high-speed cross-border railway line; the Toluca – Mexico City passenger train;  metro systems in Guadalajara (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Panama City (Panama), Algiers and Oran (Algeria), and light metro rail systems in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Lusail (Qatar) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan); and San Antonio Port in Santiago, Chile; the system used to research how ingravity affects muscles, MARES (Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System), which is located on the International Space Station, and components for VLT GRAAL and ELT telescopes; participation in the Solar Orbiter satellite project; and ship design using the FORAN System. 

Congratulations, SENER!

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