January 11, 2018
2017, the Year When Stradivarius settled Down In the Barcelona Synchrotron Park
Last year, Stradivarius settled down in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park with the opening of the new company’s global headquarters designed by Batlle i Roig (see picture).

For the well-known creative international clothing fashion brand (Inditex group), which closed the 2016 financial year with €1.343 billion in overall sales, 2017 also saw the launch of its men's fashion line after having opened in 2016 a lifestyle line (decoration, stationery and fragrances).

Last year, too, Stradivarius announced its collaboration with the British platform ASOS that opens new online markets in Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia (these latter two countries correspond to new markets).

2017 was also the year to pass the barrier of the thousand operational stores in 66 countries with new boutiques in Poland, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico, France, China or Turkey, among others.

Congratulations, Stradivarius!

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