December 01, 2017
NanoPlastics Awarded As Best Business Idea Of The UAB University Research Park
The Ideas Generation Program organized by PRUAB, the UAB University research park, is an original initiative sponsored by Barcelona Synchrotron Park: every year, it aims at offering companies the benefit of the UAB researchers’ wealth of creativity to get proposals to their technological challenges.

Biotechnology and biomedicine are the focus of the 6th edition: different challenges from this field coming from local companies were gathered and presented in early October. From then onwards, 9 projects involving 40 people from 10 different research centers have emerged thanks to the help of experts in coaching, entrepreneurship, innovation, management, intellectual property etc. 6 of them were selected as finalists.

On November 30, the 3 best projects were rewarded by a panel of experts in promotion of business ideas. Top prize (€ 2,500 and a six-month stay in the PRUAB business incubator) was awarded to the Nanoplastic project that aims at developing a plastic film with an antibacterial activity due to nanostructuration in order to package food with and extended useful life. This project is carried out by researchers from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), the UAB Neurosciences Institute (INC UAB) and the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG).

The second prize was awarded by Barcelona Synchrotron Park Director Mr. Pere Solà (see picture) to the RES-KIT project, the first pen-site kit designed for detecting antimicrobial resistance genes that will allow an individual and rapid dairy cows treatment of mastitis. The third prize was for the Ovatec project that aims at producing in vitro cattle embryos.


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