Enhancing Green Infrastructure

Parc de l’Alba, which includes its business area promoted as BARCELONA SYNCHROTRON PARK (BSP), is a 340 ha park undergoing urban development that pays particular attention to nature conservation, ecological restoration and support to the biodiversity.

This commitment was awarded in 2016 by the European Commission "Business & Biodiversity" label.

Mixed uses integrate the BSP, a residential land sector and extensive green spaces (190 hectares) for the conservation of biodiversity. One of the most iconic features is the green corridor, a large area of some 140 ha.
The Parc de l’Alba’s action program designed to enhance its green infrastructure and support biodiversity can be downloaded here.


Contact: Consol Pérez,

This program is broken down into 5 core areas and 13 actions:

COREA AREA 1. Ecological restoration

  • Conservation of the green corridor
  • Restoration of water courses
  • Restoration of forests
  • Permeability of road infrastructures
  • Restoration of soils degraded by past activity

CORE AREA 2. Application of ‘nature-based solutions’
  • Naturalised drainage systems (green ditches)
  • Project to construct a naturalized water retention pond
  • Promoting green infrastructure in buildings

CORE AREA 3. Ecological management of green spaces and pending building areas
  • Natural communities and dry cropland conservation in pending building areas
  • Ecological gardening practises and creation of shelters to promote birds and other fauna to control pests
  • Recovery of unique trees

CORE AREA 4. Supporting agriculture
  • Agreements with farmers to promote biodiversity-suited dry croplands in the green corridor and on undeveloped plots

CORE AREA 5. Healthy and educational network of paths
  • Setting-up of a network of paths to impart knowledge on make the Parc de l’Alba’s green infrastructure