Barcelona DC Cluster

Due to its infrastructures and its location, the Barcelona Synchrotron Park offers more than 70,000 m2 of land especially adapted to house Data Centres (DCs):
  • First-level electric infrastructure (high capacity, high reliability, possibility of redundant power supply from cogeneration),
  • Top-quality telecommunications infrastructure (7 operators with own networks and different access points),
  • Clean ambient air and quite fresh and dry climate compatible with free-cooling technologies,
  • Minimal risks (flooding, earthquakes, fires, theft),
  • Minimal energy costs (outsourced cold production plants).

By the way, DCs from IBM (2012), T-Systems (2013, video) and SILC-Immobles (2012 and 2015) are already operative in the park (total investment: € 217 million).

In addition to these DCs, BSP completed a new 42,000 sq.m. plot specially designed to host DCs and provide companies with district cooling, seven telecommunication networks already installed etc.

With such a plot promoted as Barcelona DC Cluster, BSP wants to position itself as a privileged location to set up DCs in southern Europe offering:
  • Lowest Energy Cost
  • Fast to Market implementation (Plug & Play)
  • High availability
  • Outsourcing cooling and electricity supply: Low CAPEX

In this project, BSP draws on the technology assessment of B-Barcelona Consulting/BGC, an engineering company specialized, among other things, in the design of mission critical infrastructures and the implementation of energy efficiency strategies as free cooling, direct-to-chip water cooling etc.

Contact: Carlos Dapena
Flyer: here