July 13, 2017
​SENER, 50 Years In Space!
Last week in Madrid, the SENER international engineering and technology group with Catalan headquarters in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park (image) celebrates its 50th year working in space. The launchers tower project in Kiruna, Sweden, was the first Space project that was tendered for in Spain, and it was SENER that did it, in 1967. This project clearly heralded starting point for SENER’s career in the space sector.

Since then, SENER currently had about 300 devices and subsystems in different satellites and space vehicles for agencies from the US (NASA), Europe (ESA), Japan (JAXA) and Russia (Roscosmos). Among the more recent projects, some famous missions can be mentioned: Rosetta (2004), Herschel & Planck (2009), Curiosity (2011), Gaia (2013), LISA Pathfinder (2015) or ExoMars 2020.

In the 4 worldwide centers where SENER carries out its space projects (BSP in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, Spain, and Warsaw, Poland), SENER provides engineering and production services in electromechanical components and systems, guidance, navigation and control, and attitude and orbit control systems, optical system and microgravity and life support systems.

Regarding SENER future, Space and Defense director Diego Rodríguez said in an interview that “our mission now is to continue to supply subsystems for the flight segment while aiming for other areas, such as launchers, and branching out to projects with a lower institutional profile and a clear commercial focus”.


Image: SENER's Catalan headquarters in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park 

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