June 21, 2017
Catalonia confirms itself as pole of attraction for foreign investments

The Barcelona Synchrotron Park is a strategic project of the Catalan government whose mission is to attract innovative international companies around the ALBA synchrotron. This business park is currently under development with 7 companies (IBM, Natura Bissé, SENER, SILC Immobles, ALBA Synchrotron, Stradivarius, T-Systems) growing in the favorable context of a very attractive region for foreign investment.

According to the latest data updated these days by the Spanish government, Catalonia effectively received € 5.1 billion of foreign investment in 2016, the best record of the last 25 years, and € 856 million in the first quarter of this year, best quarter of the series.

These figures are coherent with the Financial Times ranking that sees Catalonia as the best Southern European Region of the Future 2016/17 in its latest report on the most attractive European locations for future investments. Barcelona comes first in the continent by foreign direct investment strategy and policies for attracting investors.

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